Why Would a Copied Key Not Work?

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When you make an effort to get a copy of a key, and it doesn’t work, it can leave you confused. Locksmiths are generally great at what they do. So, why doesn’t your recently copied key work? What went wrong? Here are a few reasons why the key may not be working.

Reasons a Copied Key Won’t Work

The first thing that may come to mind is that the locksmith who copied the key didn’t copy it right. Most locksmiths use special machines to copy keys, but if the key-copying machine has not been calibrated or cleaned in a long time, it may be out of sync. If you think this is the issue with your key, return it to your locksmith. Many locksmiths will replace a key they made that does not work.

Faulty locksmith machinery is not the only cause, however.

Take a look at the key that you asked the locksmith to copy.  Is it worn down, chipped, or damaged in any other way? If it is, the locksmith will not precisely cut your new key to what it used to be. Instead, they can only duplicate what they see on the key. So, if you take a worn-down key to a locksmith, they may not be able to cut the new key to the correct specifications.

Finally, check that you copied the right key. It sounds daft, but it is actually a common mistake. Some keys look so similar that people end up cutting the wrong key. For example, after finding that the key does not work in their front door, they may find it fits the back door. If you are unsure if this easy mistake has happened to you, lay your key side by side with the one you intended to get copied. Are they the same?

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