Garage Door Springs

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The spring is a vital component for properly opening and closing garage doors. These springs allow you to easily use your garage door.

When springs break, your heavy garage door won’t be able to open or close, causing complications. That’s where we come in — Affordable Garage provides same-day services for broken springs for garage door spring replacements.


Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are shaped like coils. They store energy while in the twisted position. This energy, also known as mechanical energy, is then used to open and close the garage door when the torsion spring untwists itself.

The torsion spring is placed within a center shaft — directly above the garage door — which has a set of cable drums attached to each end. These are connected to the bottom bracket.

When the torsion spring releases the stored mechanical energy, the center shaft spins, and the cables on the cable drums work to open and close the garage door.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are another type of spring that are found parallel to the garage door’s horizontal tracks. Extension springs attach to the cables connected to the bottom bracket, and rather than twisting, they use resistive force to stretch the spring.

The spring extends horizontally and stores that same mechanical energy while the door is closed to use later when you’re opening the garage door. All extension springs contribute individually to balance the weight of the door. Maintaining this balance is crucial.

When this balance is disrupted, you’ll notice your door is malfunctioning and not able to open properly. This can lead to other parts of the garage door becoming damaged, and eventually, the door won’t open at all. 

Factors that Can Cause Your Springs to Break

Keeping your torsion and extension springs in prime condition is vital if you want your garage door to open and close without issues. There are a few factors that contribute to your springs breaking and needing replacement of old-style garage door springs. 

The most common reason for a spring to break is simply wear and tear over time. As the door cycles up and down, the coils lose their strength and cause the spring to break. Most two car garages are opened and closed 6 to 8 times each day for a staggering 3,000 times a year! Quality springs with professional installation can support 10,000 cycles before they become ineffective and require replacement. Each cycle is the garage door opening or the garage door closing. It’s quite common to run through the utility of a spring in just a few years.

Rust is another common cause of spring fatigue. Stored chemicals and outside moisture can lead to this type of spring deterioration. Rust shortens a spring’s lifespan by corroding the metal and increasing the friction between the coils when winding. Stave off rust with regular preventative maintenance and lubrication. Check out our annual lube and safety inspection.

All springs eventually break. There’s no way out of it. But our maintenance and safety checks will prolong the life of your garage door springs and let you know when they are primed to break. Don’t wait for the springs to break at an inconvenient or dangerous moment; call us today to set up an annual safety and maintenance check.

It is recommended for all 2-car garage doors to have two springs. But when builders try to save money on the costs of installing a garage door, the spring is usually the first expense cut. Corner-cutting contractors will install an extra-long 1-spring system instead which significantly shortens the life of the spring.

The same can be said when you only replace one of your two springs. If one spring breaks, the other is not far behind. Replacing both springs at the time of repair will save you from doubling up on labor costs when the second springs breaks a little while later.

Replacing garage door springs is extremely dangerous due to the stored energy in a wound torsion spring or in an extended extension spring. Many garage door repairs require dismantling garage door parts that are part of the spring system.

The tension in a spring is powerful enough to throw you off of a ladder, break the window on your car, and land you in the Emergency Room. Many accidents, injuries and deaths occur each year to amateur, home-repairers who don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to safely disengage springs from the surrounding system. Call us today and let our certified technician’s fix your garage door problem.

Wear and Tear

Having a spring break is inevitable. This is often caused by normal wear and tear. Your garage gets used all the time, which continuously puts stress and pressure on the springs controlling it. These coils will eventually lose their strength from being used so often, and even high-quality springs will only last for a few years before they need to be replaced.

Corrosion and Rust

Another common factor that contributes to spring replacement is corrosion that comes from regular exposure to rust. Corroded metal in a garage door spring increases friction and decreases the effectiveness of the spring.

If you notice a build-up of rust, which is reddish-orange, your spring should be replaced immediately.

Irregular Maintenance

It is completely natural for springs to become worn-down as they reach the end of their life, but without regular maintenance checks, you could be risking a lot of damage. Allowing worn down springs to continue operating your garage door will leave your entire system susceptible to breakdowns.

Regular maintenance saves you money by addressing old springs before a more serious issue is able to develop. Having your springs inspected annually by a professional garage door technician will save you worry, time, and money in the long run.

Important Things to Know

All two-car garages must have two springs. Only buying one to save money is dangerous. Replacing both springs can avoid risk of  garage door spring deaths  (even if only one is broken) it will save you money in the future.

We understand that it might seem easier to replace the springs yourself, but there is a high amount of energy stored in those springs. This energy will release and can lead to serious injuries. It’s important to call a professional in for spring replacement.

For all of your garage door needs, turn to the team at Affordable Security Locksmith And Alarm. Give us a call today to schedule a same-day appointment and quick repair of all types of garage door springs, including old style garage door springs!