Dented Garage Door In Yuma County, AZ

Garage Door Dented Panel

  • Do you have hail-sized dents from the neighborhood kids soccer ball or little love taps from your vehicle?
  • Unfortunately, small dents and aesthetic damage is usually not fixable. Garage doors panels are made of very thin steel with a pressed wood grain appearance.
  • Once the steel is stretched, there isn’t anything that can be done except to replace a panel. And unless your door was installed in the last 5 years, you probably can’t replace a single panel and will require a total garage door panel replacement.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re in a rush backing out of the garage and accidentally give your garage door a “love tap” with your car. Or, maybe you were playing basketball in the driveway and missed the shot. Unfortunately, these common accidents can lead to dented garage panels that create serious consequences if not repaired.

Although garage doors are typically maintenance-free, they are made of thin steel with a pressed wood appearance and dent easily. These dents are aesthetically unpleasing and will decrease your overall curb appeal. While a small dent may not be a crisis at first, damaged doors can affect its ability to open and close correctly. Most importantly, damaged garage panels place your home’s safety and security at risk.

Large dents require the replacement of your entire garage door, especially if several components of your door are impacted. Once the metal is stretched and damaged, you have two repair options. If your door was installed in the past five years, repairs could be as simple as replacing the panel at a lower cost. With older garage door models, you will need to replace the entire door.

Although smaller dents can be repaired using common household items, the damage doesn’t always respond to the DIY technique. You’re gambling with creating more issues down the line and even more expensive repair.

Slow down, don’t panic, and think through your repair options. This is where the garage door professionals come in!

We recommend calling Affordable Security Locksmith And Alarm after garage panel damage for a professional assessment and honest quote. As a family-owned business with the most experienced technicians, we understand the importance of ensuring both garage door appeal and safety. We take pride in supplying our customers with quality work and treat every dent, scratch, and breakage as we would our own.

If you currently are in need of a garage door panel replacement or repair, Call us today: 928-580-2775  to discuss your repair solutions.