Maglocks In Yuma County, AZ

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Maglock Installation & Repair in Yuma, AZ

Maglocks have become a commonly used lock device for implementing access control systems in offices, banks, schools, hospitals, warehouses and other business premises.

With glass doors being common in offices and many other business premises, Maglocks are preferred in access control systems. These locks are fairly cheap, easy to install and manage.

Maglocks can be used in doors, cabinets, drawer, pedestrian gates, sliding or swinging gates, and many other places. These also come in two variants: monitored maglocks that are connected with an access control system or unmonitored maglocks that work as self-reliant devices with their own access lock pads or keys.

Maglocks can also be paired with cameras to log entry and exits using the doors. One can have the camera capture an image when someone tries to access the door for entry / exit.

Maglock Installation Yuma Az

What are Maglocks?

Maglocks, or electromagnetic locks, are digital / electronic locks that make use of a strong electromagnet to open and close doors. If you have been in an office with automatic locks, you have most probably seen one in action.

An electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock (Maglock) is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. These are powered by electricity to secure entry access.

Maglocks are fairly standard access control security device which have become an essential part of securing doorways and entrances, particularly in businesses and offices.

The basic principle behind a maglock is the use of electromagnetism to lock a door when energized. When powered, the electromagnet is activated and holds the door with use of an armature plate facing the lock.

Maglocks can be used to facilitate remote access and exit control. Latest Maglocks come with a fail safe mechanism, with strong holding force to withstand forced entry or break-in attempts.

Advantages of Maglocks

Maglocks are simple and easy security device when looking to install access control systems. Maglocks have some straightforward advantages.

  • Maglocks are easy to install: As Maglocks have no inter-connecting parts, it is easy to install anywhere.
  • Maglocks are strong: Though the look of Maglocks might appear to be fairly humble, these are fairly strong in terms of protection. With rugged construction, Maglocks can often resist more force and less prone to damage.
  • Maglocks are cheap: As Maglocks are quite popular as a lock mechanism, these are easily available at reasonable prices.
  • Maglocks are attractive: When you are looking to keep your interiors elegant, Maglocks offer the benefit of sleek and elegant designs to fit into the overall decor design of the premises.

Maglocks are very durable and suited in high-traffic environments such as offices where credential authentication is required for entry / exits. Maglocks are quick to install, easy to operate, incredibly strong to prevent forced entries, and versatile. There are many Maglocks that are capable of integration with cameras, motion detectors and monitoring features.

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