House Lockout Service

House Lock Out

Home Lockout Service Yuma AZ

Home Lockout Service Yuma AZ

Are you locked out of your house somewhere in Yuma County? If you have lost/broken your house keys and locked out, Affordable Security Locksmith And Alarm will come to you anywhere in Yuma County and open your house door lock. We can pick door locks and make new house keys. If your keys are broken, we will extract your broken key and make a replacement key too.

Locked out! It happens to all of us sometime. Do not despair. Give us a call and we will be there!  We pride ourselves on providing fast lockout service to get you back in your house as quick as possible. We can even duplicate your key on the spot so you have a spare for next time.

If you are locked out of your house you probably already feel foolish. Don’t make it worse by overpaying for a locksmith to help you with your house lock out.

Professional Yuma Locksmith for House Lockout

Don’t just hire any random locksmith on the Internet! Go with a reliable and local locksmith company with real physical store in your city or county. Affordable Security is licensed, insured and local locksmith company in Yuma, Arizona.

Don’t get cheated with cheap quotes. When you call a locksmith and they tell you they will do it for $29 or $19 run!  They quote you a low price initially but when they are done you could pay upwards of $500.  They will walk up to your house with a drill and damage your lock to get in. You will need to buy a new lock from them as well, another $200+. Don’t fall for such scam artists. There are thousands of stories on the internet about this happening.

If you don’t do your homework you could get burned.  Don’t make us tell you we told you so!

With expert residential locksmiths in our team, we provide all types of residential locksmith services as well as commercial and automotive services.

We have many methods to get your house open in our locksmith bag of tricks. We always try picking your locks first. Most of the time we can get your house open anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Our next line of defense is to bump open your lock. Occasionally, we will have to drill your lock, but only as a last resort.  If you do need to buy a new lock from us the cost is usually minimal depending on the brand.



When you need a locksmith in Yuma, AZ or the surrounding cities you can count on Affordable Locksmith every time.

We’ll come to you when you need us!
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