Locks Rekeyed

Locks Rekeyed

Lock Rekeying

We Rekey House Locks On-Site

House rekeying and lock rekeying service in Yuma Arizona.

Did you buy a new house and you don’t know who has your house key? If you moved into a new house, you must get your house locks rekeyed. You came to the right place to have your locks rekeyed.

By having your locks rekeyed you ensure that past residents, their friends, and other strangers that may have your house key can’t access your possessions or loved ones.

Do You Need Your Locks Rekeyed?

What is rekeying? Rekeying a lock means changing its internal constitutions (tumblers) so that old keys stop working. It is an alternative to replacing lock hardware. There is no need to replace your current locks, we can easily rekey your current locks so the old keys don’t work.

With rekeying, we simply adjust the tumblers in your existing lock to a new combination of pins so the old key won’t work. Most of the time we can have all of the locks rekeyed to work on one key so you won’t need multiple keys for your house.

Master Keying for Homes

Do you need a master key system installed when you have your locks rekeyed? Master keying enables two different keys to open one lock. Master keying allows access to specific doors while having one master key that can access all doors.

You might use master keying if you have a house keeper, babysitter, etc. that may need a key to your house.  You can give them a key to the front door that won’t open your bedroom door.

Should I replace my locks or have my locks rekeyed? It really depends on the situation. If your locks are in relatively good shape, it is much more cost-effective to have the locks rekeyed.

However, if you have multiple keys to your house and you want to only use one key for your house you may need to replace a lock or two to ensure you have compatible locks to use one key. Common brands we service are Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Baldwin, Yale, Emtek, and more.


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