Protect Commercial Property Lock Bumping

How to Protect Your Commercial Property from “Lock Bumping”

Your Yuma commercial property is not safe simply because you’ve locked the doors. Lock bumping is a scary reality. It is effective on many types of locks. Thieves use a regular key that has a special series of cuts on it. When it is in the lock, a tap or a series of taps with a hard object will often force the key to unlock the door. That procedure is known as “lock bumping.” It drops the pins in the lock and unlocks the door. The good news is that there are some ways that you can help protect your commercial property from lock bumping.

Purchase a Better Lock

Most of the locks that can be opened with lock bumping are just average, run of the mill locks. Talk with a locksmith about options that can secure your property. The pick resistant locks are a little more expensive than regular locks, but they will save you money in the long run. An investment of $200.00 in the security of your business is a good investment. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in repair and replacing your goods. The added expense in locks that are bump proof is an investment in the security and future of your business. Safety experts agree that a better lock is the best way to prevent burglary. Masterlock offers a lock that is four times more resistant to bumping.

Bump Stop Hardware

Look into the different choices of bump stop hardware. There are several choices available to help stop lock bumping. There are stand-alone products and there are pieces that are worked into the new locks. Some pieces of bump stop hardware are designed to be retrofitted onto older locks.

Install an Alarm

While installing an alarm won’t necessarily stop the lock from being picked, it will notify authorities. Many thieves immediately leave the premises if they notice an alarm or hear one. There are lots of alarm choices available. Make sure that you choose one that best fits your needs.

Use Good Lighting

Thieves do not want to be seen. You should use good lighting near all of your entry and exit points. Not only will this deter thieves, but it will also leave you and your employees feeling safer.

You simply can’t put a value on the safety of your commercial property and the safety of those who work with and for you. Unfortunately, lock bumping is a method that is often used and easy to learn. There are videos on the Internet that explain the process. The keys to use to lock bump are inexpensive to purchase and can even be made. You must make the choice to protect yourself and your commercial property. It’s much less expensive to make these small changes than to attempt to replace stolen equipment and inventory. Insurance companies will not give you full price for things that are stolen. They will only provide you with a depreciated value. Make sure that your locks aren’t rendered useless by lock bumping.


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