Should You Tip a Locksmith?

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When a company helps you out and does a good job, then it is customary to show your appreciation through a tip. Is it the same with Locksmiths? Here are the rules of engagement for whether or not you should tip a locksmith.

The Rules of Local Custom

In Yuma, Arizona, it is commonplace to ensure that appreciation is shown through a tip. However, when it comes to Locksmiths, this is not a necessary step. Tipping is mostly used in services that you would consider to be optional luxuries, like dining out or staying in a hotel. On the other hand, Locksmiths are not normally an optional choice as they deal in security, home emergency, or automotive emergency situations where you need keys.

So, Locksmiths do not expect you to provide them with a tip for their services. However, there are a few occasions where you may consider it appropriate to tip a locksmith.

When to Tip a Locksmith

The idea behind tipping is that you can show how much you appreciate the service. From that point of view, there are a few occasions where it might feel appropriate to tip your locksmith, such as:

  • An emergency call-out in terrible weather.
  • A locksmith call-out during the holiday season or on a bank holiday.
  • Nighttime emergencies.
  • A job that may be exceptionally difficult or tricky.

Your Locksmiths for Yuma

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